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ocropus::WhitespaceCover Struct Reference

#include <ocr-whitespace-cover.h>

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Detailed Description

Purpose: Whitespace Cover finding algorithm.

Definition at line 43 of file ocr-whitespace-cover.h.

Public Member Functions

void add_rect (colib::rectangle r)
void compute (colib::rectarray &whitespaces, colib::rectarray &obstacles)
const char * description ()
void init ()
int nsolutions ()
void set_aspect_range (float min, float max)
void set_bounds (int x0, int y0, int x1, int y1)
void set_greedy (bool value)
void set_logmin_aspect (float m)
void set_maxoverlap (float value)
void set_maxresults (int value)
void set_minheight (float value)
void set_minweight (float value)
void set_minwidth (float value)
void set_qfunc (qfunc t)
void set_verbose (int value)
void snug_bounds ()
void solution (int index, int &x0, int &y0, int &x1, int &y1)
 WhitespaceCover (colib::rectangle image_boundary)

Private Types

typedef counted< MatchesCMatches
typedef counted< WStateCState
typedef colib::shortarray Matches

Private Member Functions

void compute ()
void generate_child_states (CState &state, colib::rectangle &pivot)
bool good_dimensions (CState &result)

Private Attributes

colib::rectangle bounds
bool greedy
int initial_nrects
float logmin_aspect
float max_aspect
float max_overlap
int max_results
float min_aspect
float min_height
float min_weight
float min_width
qfunc quality_func
heap< CStatequeue
colib::rectarray rects
colib::narray< CStateresults
int verbose


struct  WState

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