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colib Directory Reference


directory  tests


file  checks.h [code]
 Contains macros for assertions, checks, and unit testing.
file  classifier.h [code]
 Interfaces for classification and density estimation.
file  clib.h [code]
 Simple data structures for plain ANSI C99 programs.
file  colib.h [code]
 Main include file for the colib library. Includes most other files in colib.
file  compat.h [code]
 Compatibility header for Microsoft Windows.
file  coords.h [code]
 Points and rectangles with integer coordinates.
file  counted.h [code]
 Link counting smart pointers.
file  env.h [code]
 Getting dynamically bound parameters/variables.
file  hash.h [code]
 Simple hash table implementations.
file  iarith.h [code]
 Interval arithmetic.
file  misc.h [code]
 A few utility functions.
file  narray-ops.h [code]
 Mathematical operators on arrays.
file  narray-util.h [code]
 Miscellaneous array utility functions.
file  narray.h [code]
 Single and multidimensional arrays.
file  nbest.h [code]
 A structure to keep n best objects.
file  nustring.h [code]
 Unicode strings.
file  objlist.h [code]
 A nicer interface for an array of references.
file  ocrinterfaces.h [code]
 Interfaces to OCR system components.
file  quicksort.h [code]
 Sorting of narrays.
file  rowarrays.h [code]
 Row-wise operations on 2D arrays.
file  smartptr.h [code]
 Smart pointers.
file  strbuf.h [code]
 String buffer.
file  vec2.h [code]
 2D vectors

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