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ocropus::CTextlineRASTBasic Struct Reference

#include <ocr-ctextline-rast.h>

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Detailed Description

Purpose: Basic implementation of the constrained textline finding algorithm using RAST. Returns parameters of text-lines in descending order of quality.

Definition at line 64 of file ocr-ctextline-rast.h.

Public Types

typedef counted< TLStateBasic > CState
typedef colib::narray< int > Matches
typedef vecni< nparams > Parameters

Public Member Functions

virtual void extract (colib::narray< TextLineParam > &textlines, colib::rectarray &columns, colib::autodel< CharStats > &charstats)
virtual void extract (colib::narray< TextLineParam > &textlines, colib::autodel< CharStats > &charstats)
bool final (interval q, const Parameters &p)
interval influence (bool lsq, interval d, double epsilon)
void make_substates (colib::narray< CState > &substates, CState &state)
vec2i normalized (vec2i v)
void prepare ()
virtual void push_result (CState &result)
void search ()
void set_max_slope (double max_slope)
void set_max_yintercept (double ymin, double ymax)
void setDefaultParameters ()
int wbox_intersection (CState &top)

Public Attributes

double adelta
Matches all_matches
Parameters all_params
colib::rectarray cboxes
double delta
Parameters empty_parameters
double epsilon
int generation
colib::autodel< CharStatslinestats
bool lsq
int max_results
int maxsplits
int min_count
int min_gap
float min_length
double min_q
heap< CStatequeue
colib::narray< CStateresults
double splitscale [nparams]
bool use_whitespace
colib::narray< bool > used
colib::rectarray wboxes


struct  TLStateBasic

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